Reign of the Marionettes Book Review. A Moment of Time by Jilaine Tarisa


A  thought-provoking debut novel by Jilaine Tarisa.

An inspiring work of literature, exploring the quest for meaning, purpose and fulfilment in life, told through the gripping story of one woman’s struggle to heal herself following a major accident.

Caitlin’s journey takes her beyond mere physical recovery, as the people she meets along the way offer a means to rebuild herself not just physically but spiritually and psychologically as well. Tarisa achieves this through a skilful weaving of the plot, as Caitlin starts to accept that her inner self is just as damaged as her outer body. After a period of denial and resistance, filled with anger and despair, Caitlin’s paradigm shift begins.

I read this book twice. The first time following Catlin’s personal journey and the second time wondering about my own life journey. This book tackles the ‘big issue’ of living and existing in a fast-paced world that rarely allows time for true reflection. Tarisa explores how the conflict raised when denying our own dreams and core values, in order to follow the dreams and expectations of others, can leave us feeling isolated, anxious, incomplete and consumed by other people’s problems.
Filled with engaging and fascinatingly flawed characters, A Moment of Time explores changing relationships and friendships as Caitlin starts to realise what and who is important to her.
Tarisa never loses the grip on the story, drawing readers in and enabling them to share Caitlin’s journey of recovery. The people Caitlin meets on her way each leave an impression on her and provide her with a new resource to help rebuild herself.
The journey Caitlin travels to find herself again addresses fundamental existential questions about the meaning, purpose and reason for living, prompting readers to question their own assumptions and core values. At times, particularly in relation to Kimo, a lot of theoretical detail is given but this does not detract from the overall experience, which impacted me on an emotional as well as intellectual level. As a result, Caitlin’s story remained with me long after I turned the final page.

An imaginative page-turner that has me waiting for the next instalment.

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