The Crux of the Word — by Nera Hart

Originally posted on theonemillionproject:
The power of words. Our pen- our sword. What life to breathe into an empty space, and what love to feel through the magic of black symbols spread over the white sheets. Our power. The glorious, beautiful, infinite power of words… Light in a darkened room and the air to breathe.…

Homelessness Happens — by Christine Larsen

Originally posted on theonemillionproject:
Homeless. What a desperately sad and empty word. Homeless. Hopeless. Sadly, I’m learning those two words are constant bedfellows. Never thought that’s the address I’d be filling in on those endless bloody welfare forms. Thought that was ‘owned’ by the crims and the druggies and other no-hopers. Didn’t give a thought…

One Million Project Fiction Anthology

Originally posted on theonemillionproject:
The recent publication of the three-volume short story anthologies from the One Million Project was the culmination of over a year and a half of work and coordination of over one hundred writers, editors and publishing professionals. Each week, I will highlight each of the anthologies to give readers a taste of…

AuthorBitz.Com – A Meeting Place For Readers & Authors – Why I’m Excited

Originally posted on Timothy Bateson (ramblings of an author):
I know you’ve probably been hearing a lot about Author Bitz lately, especially if you follow my Facebook or Twitter feeds. But there’s some really great reasons for all the attention I’ve been giving it. What’s All The Fuss About? I leave the explanation of the…

Reign of the Marionettes Book Review. A Moment of Time by Jilaine Tarisa

A  thought-provoking debut novel by Jilaine Tarisa. An inspiring work of literature, exploring the quest for meaning, purpose and fulfilment in life, told through the gripping story of one woman’s struggle to heal herself following a major accident. Caitlin’s journey takes her beyond mere physical recovery, as the people she meets along the way offerContinue reading “Reign of the Marionettes Book Review. A Moment of Time by Jilaine Tarisa”

Reign of The Marionettes Book Review – Porter’s Fortune by Wyborn Senna.

Genre– Suspense, mystery thriller   An entertaining and well-told story. I found it hard to put this book down. With a large cast of characters, the story moves back and forth between the east and west coasts of America. The plot focuses on the rivalry between two brothers, who share a number of dark secretsContinue reading “Reign of The Marionettes Book Review – Porter’s Fortune by Wyborn Senna.”

Subzero Temps Bring A Harsh Reality to Homeless Plight at Sleep in the Park Event

Originally posted on theonemillionproject:
Emma Short and Emma Park joined 9,000 other participants on December 9th for Sleep in the Park, the world’s largest ever sleep-out event.   Organized by Edinburgh Homelessness Charity, Social Bite, they slept in the sub-zero temperatures under the stars in Edinburgh’s city centre with the aim of raising £4m to eradicate…

New Release: The Ghostwriter’s Legacy by Douglas Debelak.

It all began, as it should, with the words, “In the beginning…” and now the epic tale continues on through The Story of Creation. The Ghostwriter’s Legacy, the third book in The Ghostwriter’s Series, continues an epic tale, which purports to be the autobiography of God, or, as He insists, not God, but the CreatorContinue reading “New Release: The Ghostwriter’s Legacy by Douglas Debelak.”

New Book Release – Soul Tracing: Taboo! by Ifraah Samatar and Irsha Akbar

A dark romance filled with twists, turns, and tears   SOUL TRACING: Taboo is a fictional adult novel set in present-day East London. It is definitely not a book for the faint hearted or romcom devotees with a penchant for a fairy-tale love story. It is a controversial book filled with a plethora of underlying cultural andContinue reading “New Book Release – Soul Tracing: Taboo! by Ifraah Samatar and Irsha Akbar”

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