The Little House in Heaven – Book Review

The Little House in Heaven by Kathleen Watson

What is in the secret place up the attic staircase? When eight-year-old Melissa goes exploring, she finds herself stepping into the pages of a book of Bible stories. At the House on the Rock she meets Jesus, who takes Melissa to her very own little house. This ‘little house in Heaven’ grows bigger and becomes furnished with ‘treasures in Heaven’ as Melissa walks in the Christian life here on Earth. Then she meets Rufus, the boy next door, who leads her into mischief and danger…

But Jesus is with her all the way, and she learns valuable lessons of trust and obedience in her trials. These profound truths are gently woven into the story as Melissa enjoys times of fellowship with Jesus in her little house in Heaven.

Eventually, Melissa has to grow up and learn to walk by faith and the ‘treasure’ she lays up in Heaven becomes a glorious reward in the end.


The Little House in Heaven is aimed at the Christian market. This book would be suitable for children between 8-12 years old who want to find out more about the teachings of Jesus. Eight-year-old Melissa becomes drawn to a picture of a lighthouse on a rock hanging on the door of the white-haired woman who lives up the stairs from her, and she wants to find out more. Not only about the picture but the person who lives there – Miss Amy Light. I loved that name and liked the character of Amy Light, who takes Melissa on a journey of discovery, helping her to find out about the house built on the rocks. This is achieved through Melissa obtaining a Bible and reading some of the stories within it. There are a number of interesting characters introduced throughout, who help Melissa on her journey. At 100 pages, this book is just the right length for children to read.

Reader reviews of Little House in Heaven

This book, aimed at young readers of 8 years or more, has a simple Christian message embedded within an imaginative story that is written with just the right balance between scene setting, dealing with thoughts and feelings, and furthering the plot.  It is a long time since I was 8 years old, but I have enjoyed reading it – Evelyn Wendon. Children’s Author

One of the best books I have read, feel good and thought-provoking, creates pictures of heaven – Alyson Smith

My granddaughter really enjoyed this easy to read book. It kept her interest throughout. I like the way it teaches Christian values. Well worth the buy. Ros Taisia. Sunday School Teacher

AUTHOR – Kathleen Watson 

Kathleen Watson lives in Littlehampton, West Sussex, and has a son and daughter and granddaughter. Her other published books for children are “Treasure in the Alcove”, “The Secret Blue Door” and “The Little Grey Gate”.

How to Buy

Little House in Heaven can be bought from eBay at this link

£5 for the Book plus £1 for Postage

Or from Kathleen on this number 01903 725820

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