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Book Review of Burrowed by Maressa Mortimer

I’m delighted to be taking part in the blog tour for Burrowed by Maressa Mortimer. This fiction book is aimed at the YA or younger market but could easily be read by anyone who likes a good mystery story.


The beautiful island of Ximiu has a plan for a more sustainable future. But not everyone living on the island is on board. Jasira, daughter of the governing matriarch, is determined to uncover the dark forces threatening her home. With the help of her friends, she embarks on a desperate bid to save her island community. When the price is higher than she had bargained for, will Jasira still find faith and beauty in the world around her?


Although I am not the intended readership, I have to say, this story hooked me right from the start. I enjoyed reading about the exploits of Jasira, a would-be detective, and her side-kick Ilori, as they try to uncover the cause of some strange goings-on, on the fictional island of Ximiu as it turns ‘Green’. I found myself drawn into Jasira’s exploits as she tries to solve this mystery and save her community.

Set sometime in the near future, Burrowed explores a number of topical subjects – green issues and how to ensure a sustainable future. What would life be like if everyone took on board ‘Green’ issues? That is exactly what happens on the Island of Ximiu. Through this story, the reader is given a glimpse of what life would be like and the difficulties faced by some in giving up many things they have become accustomed to but are harmful to the planet.

The cast of characters is strong, each with their own flaws. Poetry and songs add to the main themes contained within the story. The letters to her friend, Xandra, who along with some others left the island to live on the mainland, provides a good contrast to life elsewhere.

A beautifully written and engaging read, with plenty of twists and turns to keep you guessing.  I highly recommend Burrowed to anyone who enjoys a good mystery.


Maressa grew up in the Netherlands and moved to England soon after finishing teaching training college. Married to Pastor Richard Mortimer they live in a Cotswold village with their four children. She is a home school mum, enjoying the time spent with family, travelling, reading and turning life into stories, she wants to use her stories to show practical Christians living in a fallen world.



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    Thank you, that’s such a lovely review!


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