Book Review – The Indigo Rebels by Ellie Midwood

Indigo rebels


A rich tapestry of interwoven lives set in Paris during 1940.

Indigo Rebels is the first book I have read by Ellie Midwood, but it won’t be my last.

A beautifully written story of three siblings -Giselle Legrand, Kamille Blanchard and Marcel Legrand – who are brought together again during the German occupation of France during WW II. Although I liked all of the main characters, I particularly liked the strong-willed and larger-than-life character of Giselle Legrand, a renowned novelist and socialite. When the chief of the Gestapo is billeted in her apartment, Giselle’s comfortable life is radically altered, and she is forced to confront what matters most to her.
As a war-widowed and downtrodden wife and daughter-in-law with a small daughter, Kamille Blanchard, leads a very different life from her sister, Giselle. She also has a German officer billeted with her, but the experience enriches her life and she soon gains what until now has been missing – someone who cares for and values her.

Marcel Legrand, a deserter, lives in fear of being captured by the Nazis. As he runs for his life, he meets up with and joins a small group of communists.  Marcell’s actions provide the trigger which brings the three siblings together again. Their lives soon become intertwined, with all of them fighting for the same goal: a liberated France.

This is an intriguing read that held me through to the last page.  I couldn’t put this book down.

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