Book review – Asylum



Sherry Logsdon’s book, Asylum, is a compelling and haunting work of historical fiction set at the turn of the century. Although events take place in the US, they could easily have happened in almost any country at this time.

The title and cover drew me to read. Having worked in mental health for many years, and having heard stories of women with no actual symptoms of mental illness being placed into the old asylums, I was pleased to find a novel highlighting the plight of these women.

Sherry Logsdon does a wonderful job of spotlighting just one of the many injustices done to women and the way that they were often treated at this time. Having said this, this is not a work of doom and gloom. Rather, it is an uplifting tale of the courage and fortitude shown by the main female character, and others, during harrowing circumstances.

Though a work of fiction, Asylum is based around actual events, and spans a quarter of a century.

I enjoyed this book and look forward to reading more from author Sherry Logsdon.

Asylum will appeal to anyone who loves historical fiction, is interested in women’s issues or who just enjoys a well told story.


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