How A Cold December Night Will Help End Homelessness


On a cold December night, 9,000 people will be gathering for the Sleep in the Park to end homelessness in Scotland.  It will be the world’s largest sleepover, EVER. Emma Louise Short and Emma Parks — members of the One Million Project (OMP) — will be participating and will experience on Dec. 9, 2017, what homeless people live with all day, every day.

The hope is to raise social awareness by working together with local communities and groups as they try to get to the root issues of this problem.  The organizers have a plan to eradicate homelessness in Scotland within five years by providing people with housing, rehabilitation, job opportunities and support to get back on their feet.

Check back with the OMP blog as we post reports from the Sleep in the Park event, photos and interviews with the “Emma’s” about their experiences.

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On the Nature of Being by John Nedwill


Alright, it’s a bit of a pretentious title for a blog, but stay with me for the next few hundred words.

Take a look at the biographical details at the bottom of this article. You’ll notice that it is very sparse – almost no personal details beyond my name and a WattPad account. Compare it to some of the others who write blogs for the One Million Project. Lots of details in those. Now, given the current emphasis on social media and accessibility to readers, why would an aspiring author not want to be contacted? Why would they not want their readers to connect with them?

The answer in my case is simple. Privacy.

You see, I lead a double life. One of them is the ordinary life that everybody else leads – the life of work, responsibility and paying the bills. The other life I have is one of…

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Reign of The Marionettes Book Review – Posted as Missing by Michael D Walsh



I have read a few books by Michael D Walsh, but ‘Posted as Missing’ has to be among my personal favourites. I followed David and Maria’s journey, both literally and in terms of their personal growth and blossoming relationship and learned a lot in the process. Although the book is listed as historical fiction, the events and locations are real enough and the content appears to be very well researched. The content is mature, but this is necessary to the sexual awakening of the female MC and the male MC’s past.
There are a few twists and unexpected turns to events and a good few additional surprises along the way.
An excellent read for all WW1 readers and those who like some fact to their historical fiction.

Book Review – The Indigo Rebels by Ellie Midwood

Indigo rebels


A rich tapestry of interwoven lives set in Paris during 1940.

Indigo Rebels is the first book I have read by Ellie Midwood, but it won’t be my last.

A beautifully written story of three siblings -Giselle Legrand, Kamille Blanchard and Marcel Legrand – who are brought together again during the German occupation of France during WW II. Although I liked all of the main characters, I particularly liked the strong-willed and larger-than-life character of Giselle Legrand, a renowned novelist and socialite. When the chief of the Gestapo is billeted in her apartment, Giselle’s comfortable life is radically altered, and she is forced to confront what matters most to her.
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Cultural Diversity!

The Cultural Bridge

I’ve had the great privilege of visiting eighty-five countries on six continents and of experiencing over a hundred different cultures. My reasons for the visits aren’t as diverse as the countries nor the cultures, but they also differ as they range from following the track of Captain Cook across the Pacific to celebrate the bicentennial of his 1769 voyage of discovery, to peace-keeping duties in Southeast Asia following the Vietnam War, or a mountaineering expedition in the remote Hindu Kush during the relative peace in 1975 Afghanistan, or professional wine-buying trips for three decades to more than a dozen countries, and then there were the port visits and inland explorations on a three-year exploratory sailing voyage. During these travels, I’ve seldom been a tourist. Rather I was there either on duty or on business or to interact with the people.

My love of cultural diversity began over half a century…

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